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The tech stocks had a sharp drop during the past month.  See the table below. The largest drop are for Netflix (34.29%), Zoom (25.96%) and Amazon (16.3%). Microsoft, Apple and Facebook had... 24 Jan 2022, View: 53.

Bitcoin reached a high of $67,580 on 8 Nov 2021 and declined to $35,560 on 22 Jan 2022. It was a drop of 48% over a period of 2.5 months. If a trader hold 1 Futures contract of 5 bitcoin, the drop ... 22 Jan 2022, View: 291.

I have submitted four questions to the NTUC Income EGM on 18 February 2022 at 5.30 pm. 1. Will the bonuses of participating policies issued in the past when NTUC Income was a cooperative, be negati... 22 Jan 2022, View: 40.

I gave this talk on how I trade Futures contracts with Philip Nova:  15 min video This video show how you can open and trade with a demo acount with Plus 500. 8 min video I am sharing my ... 22 Jan 2022, View: 115.

I share my experience on trading in futures. Before you proceed to read this post, I need to give the following warning: a) Trading is risky. While one can make money on trading, it is easier to... 20 Jan 2022, View: 223. Restricted

An asset is a store of value when investors buy and keep it for many years to protect the value of their savings.  In the past, gold has performed this role. The US dollar is also considered t... 18 Jan 2022, View: 168. Restricted

Bitcoin aims to achieve following goals: a) A store of value. People buy bitcoin in the believe that it will increase in value as the supply is limited and the demand is potentially unlimited. b... 18 Jan 2022, View: 721. Restricted

Many stocks of big companies in China are listed in Hong Kong and in Shanghai. The HK price is often at an attractive discount (of 25% to 80%) compared to the Shanghai price. See this webpage for the ... 13 Jan 2022, View: 293. Restricted

Someone asked me about "reverse mortgage". He has a fully paid property and wish to use it to provide an monthly income to meet his living expenses (and for his spouse) for the rest of their life.&nbs... 10 Jan 2022, View: 674. Restricted

I own 331,000 shares of ICBC (1398.HK) at an average cost of $4.59 HKD. My total investment is $1,519,000 HKD ($264,000 SGD).  The lowest price was $4.19 on 1 Nov 21. It has since recovered to... 10 Jan 2022, View: 214. Restricted

Alibaba stock price dropped 41.7% over the past year. It recovered by 6.45% on 7 Jan 2022.  Its trailing PE ratio is 17.42 times. Its forward PE ratio is 12.44 times. This implies that the pro... 09 Jan 2022, View: 910. Restricted

My friend invested $1,000 in a crypto exchange. He receives $5 a day (perhaps in crypto currency) for 400 days. This gives him a 100% return (assuming that the value of the crypto currency remains sta... 09 Jan 2022, View: 755. Restricted

The business customer applied to renew a loan from the bank. He opted for repayment at floating interest rate.  The application was not finalized. Apparently, the bank was overwhelmed with too... 09 Jan 2022, View: 253. Restricted

Here are the top property developers in China. Report. I analyzed the financial indicators for them below.  I expect the property market in China to stabilize. There was a recent announceme... 08 Jan 2022, View: 199. Restricted

Summary of the key points in this article. 1. 13% of owners who sold their property are not able to return the CPF savings together with interest at 2.5% p.a. 2. They are not required to top up ... 07 Jan 2022, View: 153. Restricted

I invested $709,354 USD in US growth stocks in 2011. I suffered a paper loss of $286,822 on these stocks.  I realized profit on these stocks in 2020 and on sales made in 2021 which were not in... 03 Jan 2022, View: 1635. Restricted

The financial media has many experts making all kinds of prediction for the stock market in 2022.  Many experts expect a crash or a correction in 2022 due to inflation, leading to higher inter... 03 Jan 2022, View: 647. Restricted

Here is a video recording of the talk given by Tan Kin Lian on 27 Dec 2021. This talk covers the topics posted in the FISCA website.  Video  ... 28 Dec 2021, View: 35. Restricted

China Mobile is the largest mobile operator in China. It has a market capitalization of $941 billion HKD. Its has a trailing PE of 6.41 times, forward PE of 6.38 times, and a dividend yield of 7.04... 23 Dec 2021, View: 269. Restricted

China Galaxy Securities (CGS) is the largest stock broker in China, holding a mrket share of 5.24%. It has a trailing PE ratio of 4.84X, forward PE ratio of 4.19X and a dividend yield of 6.04%.&nbs... 23 Dec 2021, View: 222. Restricted

China cut its benchmark interest rate for the first time since April 2020. It did not help the stock market. The cut was expected and rather small.  Article   I believe that the... 21 Dec 2021, View: 257. Restricted

I hold 60,000 shares of Top Glove and now see a large loss of $14,500. I had expected the 1Q 2021 result (ended 30 Nov 2021) to be better than the previous quarter. I thought that their revenue s... 15 Dec 2021, View: 201. Restricted

For a collective sale to be completed, the owners of the units in a condominium have to go through the following steps. 1. Form a collective sales committee (CSC) 2. Get 80% of owners to sign a co... 11 Dec 2021, View: 244. Restricted

Many people expected December to be a bad month. The catalysts were omicron (and the economic lockdown) and the high inflation rate in America. The stock market was weak last week. The stock inves... 08 Dec 2021, View: 201. Restricted

Top Glove will be releasing its results for the 1st quarter ended 30 Nov 2021 in a few days time. The stock price dropped during the past few days. The investors probably expected poor results. ... 08 Dec 2021, View: 217. Restricted

In this post, I explain how the fundamental indicators are computed. Company X Profit last year: $5 million. Number of shares: 10 million. Profit projected for next year: $6 million. Dividend p... 03 Dec 2021, View: 492. Restricted

The following stocks that I invested in the US markets dropped by 6% to 12% on 1 December 2021. The sharp drop was due to the confirmation of the first case of the omicron varient in California. ... 02 Dec 2021, View: 957. Restricted

I explain two significant risks of investing in corporate bonds: 1) Risk of default b) Risk of increase in interest rate I illustrate it with a corporate bond issued by Ascott Residential Trust... 02 Dec 2021, View: 291. Restricted

I received an email from a stock broking firm about a 3 year fixed rate note issued by a subsidiary of Chip Eng Seng Corp (CESC) and guaranteed by the CESC.  It offers a coupon rate of 6.... 30 Nov 2021, View: 720. Restricted

Here is a video recording of my talk given on 29 Nov 2021, covering the topics in the FISCA website  ... 30 Nov 2021, View: 349. Restricted

I sold off all my SPH shares, so I have no interest in the EGM or in the two competing bids. I do not have any opinion about both bids. If any investor is interested to know the merits, please re... 26 Nov 2021, View: 238. Restricted

I compare the China stocks listed in US and in Hong Kong. The US stocks are ADR (American depository deposits) and may represent a multiple of the ordinary shares. This is shown in the column ADR. ... 25 Nov 2021, View: 240. Restricted

New Oriental Education trades in New York under EDU and in Hong kong under 9901. On 24 Nov 2021, it closed in HK at $17.90 ($2.30 HKD). It closed in New York at $2.29.  One ADR in New York ... 25 Nov 2021, View: 46. Restricted

Apollo Go is approved to operate in Beijing This article stated that Apollo Go is approved to operate in Beijing.  The key points are: a) Apollo can now charge fares for operat... 25 Nov 2021, View: 39. Restricted

I hold 20,000 shares of SENS at average cost of $3.58 USD, totallying $71,600. The current price is $3.27 giving me a loss of $6,100. The current price shows a discount of 42% from the peak price o... 25 Nov 2021, View: 182. Restricted

I held 17,000 shares of NNDM at average of $5.88 USD, totallying $100,000. The price dropped to $4.62 on 23 Nov and jumped by $0.46 (10.87%) to $5.10. I am still seeing a loss of $13,260. The price... 25 Nov 2021, View: 302. Restricted

The internet stocks in China had dropped sharply in recent months due to two factors - restrictions placed by USA regulators on China stocks listed in America, and the measures taken in China to contr... 24 Nov 2021, View: 269. Restricted

My stockbroker sent me a chart showing the corporate bonds that are available.  I saw that two bonds from Ascott Residential Trust showed vastly different yields to maturity.  I spoke ... 23 Nov 2021, View: 220. Restricted

My stockbroker sent me this chart showing the yields on corporate bonds.  Most of the bonds have an annual yield between 2.5% to 4%.  Some are perpetual bonds, but have a callable date... 23 Nov 2021, View: 218. Restricted

I have $260,000 SGD invested in China Petroleum (also called Sinopec). The current price showed a drop of 8% on my cost. So, the unrealized loss is $20,000. I keep the stock because it has a divide... 22 Nov 2021, View: 225. Restricted

I bought 80,000 shares of Top Glove at $0.96 for a total investment of $76,800 SGD. The stock price has dropped to $0.76 giving me a loss of 20% or $15,300.  The stock price went to a high of ... 21 Nov 2021, View: 421. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan Ask your opinion. I have invested in several gloves/PPE stocks. They are performing poorly. Should I discard these stocks and invest the money in Electric Car and Semiconductors stocks w... 21 Nov 2021, View: 492. Restricted

I bought stocks in Hong Kong at a discount to the prices in Shanghai. This project compares the trading volumes in these two exchanges, to see if the prices reflect adequate trading colume. I bo... 19 Nov 2021, View: 260. Restricted

Baidu is a technology company that is described as the "Google of China". It operates an internet search engine in China.  It has been developing an autonomous taxi service, also described as ... 19 Nov 2021, View: 324. Restricted

I compare the financial fundamentals of several stocks that are involved in selling electric vehicles (EV). The leader is clearly Tesla. Its stock price has increased by 146 tines since it went pub... 18 Nov 2021, View: 447. Restricted

I carried out a review of the pharma stocks that are involved in the fight against covid. They are the stocks that produce the vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, Sinopharm, Novavax) and in the treatment (Pfize... 18 Nov 2021, View: 203. Restricted

On 6 November, Elok Musk sent out a tweet asking his fans if he should sell 10% of this Tesla stock to raise money to pay his taxes. He announced the result on the following day - there was support.&n... 16 Nov 2021, View: 680. Restricted

I made a profit of $10,300 USD on my trading in Gold today. I was guided by this technical analysis sent to me daily by Philips Futures, the operator of the Nova platform. At the start of the tr... 11 Nov 2021, View: 324. Restricted

The owners of Thomson View held at Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 24 Jan 2021 and approved the formation of a sales committee. The sales committee met with several marketing agents and lawy... 09 Nov 2021, View: 596. Restricted

Haidilao is listed in Hong Kong under 6862.HK. The key financial figures are: Market capitalization: $118 billion HKD = $15 billion USD Trailing PE ratio: 66.66 times Prospective PE ratio: 27.... 09 Nov 2021, View: 473. Restricted

I hold 30,000 shares of EDU at $2.17 USD. The current share price is $2.11. I am now seeing a small loss.  Here are the financial indicators for EDU. They are taken from this webpage. The curr... 09 Nov 2021, View: 168. Restricted

I wish to give my views about investing in pharmaceutical stocks that are involved in manufacturing vaccines and treatment for covid-19. I present the financial figures of the stocks below: Here... 06 Nov 2021, View: 405. Restricted

Merck (MRK) is the manufacturer of molnupiravir, a drug that is now being evaluated for treatment of covid-19. It can be used orally. Many countries have placed advanced orders for this drug. This ... 05 Nov 2021, View: 243. Restricted

I now hold 200 shares of Tesla. The current price is US$1,172. It went to a high of $1,210 on Monday and has dropped 3.2% since. I sold 300 shares at an average price of $910 during the past two we... 03 Nov 2021, View: 415. Restricted

I have made two bad investments. They are Sinopharm (1099.HK) and Top Glove (BVA.SG) quoted in Hong Kong and Singapore respectively. I lost more than 10% of the invested sum over the past two ... 03 Nov 2021, View: 618. Restricted

My friend said that he considers Sheng Siong to be a good stock as the supermarket business is likely to do well in Singapore and this company is more efficient and operate at lower cost compared to F... 01 Nov 2021, View: 890. Restricted

BYD is an electric car manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. They have a lead in battery technology. They have produced electric vehicles for many years. In my view, BYD is able to produce EV at a... 01 Nov 2021, View: 537. Restricted

Warren Buffet invested in 3 value stocks - Bank of America, Verizon and Kraft Heinz. I present their financial indicators below, together with comparable stocks from China - ICBC (vs Bank of A... 31 Oct 2021, View: 367. Restricted

I realized a profit of more than $500,000 in my investment in Tesla over the past 30 months. I have often been asked the questions: a) Will NIO, Li Auto, XPeng, BYD or Lucid be as successful as ... 30 Oct 2021, View: 915. Restricted

China Suntien (0956.HK) drop by 7.8% today to HK $6.25 today. It trades at a discount of 71% to the price in Shanghai. It is in green energy business. It has a PE ratio of 13.77 (earning yield of 7.... 29 Oct 2021, View: 213. Restricted