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I support this proposal. Eldershield is better administered under a public body, rather than private insurers. It reduces the cost of marketing and administration, and remove the profit motive. The ... 07 Jul 2017, View: 28. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I was being approached to increase my eldershield. The agent claimed it is important and the yearly cost is about $600 on top of what I am paying now aged 47. Would like to seek your adv... 31 May 2017, View: 61. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I am currently insured under a 10 year Term insurance policy which covers death and permanent total disability. Total disability is defined as "complete and continuous inability of the... 22 Apr 2017, View: 106. Restricted

Many people bought supplement to Eldershield, which is a long term disability insurance. Eldershield pays them  a monthly income of $400 if they are severely disabled and need to stay in a nursin... 31 Jan 2016, View: 697. Restricted