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Dear Mr Tan, I like to ask upon your views on premium financing for annuities. The concept of premium financing is rather new to me as it wasn’t available back then. The spread for my loan is 0.75%+ ... 20 Aug 2020, View: 216. Restricted

NTUC Income offers its policyholders the option to convert an whole life or endowment policy into a life annuity by giving an enhanced surrender value for the conversion. When exercising the conv... 26 Jul 2020, View: 234. Restricted

A policyholder asked me if he should keep the life annuity or encash it and re-invest the money in another investment. Here is my suggestion. The life annuity provides a monthly return of $500 (... 26 Aug 2019, View: 32. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I have bought a Living Policy in 2001 and I will be 61 yrs in Oct 2019. As I have no income, I do not wish to pay the yearly premium of $6,900 and was told they will deduct from my cur... 16 Aug 2019, View: 20. Restricted

At age 55, a consumer bought a life annuity from a private insurance company using money from the CPF special account.  At age 65, he surrendered the life annuity and reinvested the money in&n... 07 Feb 2019, View: 34. Restricted

A consumer sent me the benefit illustration and asked if it offers a good return. The consumer, age 65 male, invests a single premium of $300,000 and receives a guaranteed monthly annuity of $1,181... 23 Aug 2017, View: 400. Restricted

The following table shows the expected annuity payout rate, i.e .the annual amount payable divided by the invested sum. The expected period of payment is estimated and is not based on any actual morta... 27 Nov 2016, View: 83. Restricted

Mr. Tan, Is an annuity good for retirement?   Reply It depends on the annuity terms offered to you, the investment options that you have, and what your needs are.   If you ... 23 Jun 2016, View: 400. Restricted