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Source SINGAPORE: Amid increasing reports of fraudulent traffic accidents, the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) has warned that cases of motor insurance fraud are usually linked to lar... 15 Nov 2017, View: 86

Some people describe CPF as a ponzi scheme. This is not correct.  Under a ponzi scheme, the promoter offers an attractive return on an investment, say 2% per month.annum. He cooks up a story t... 13 Nov 2017, View: 4

I have often advised elderly people to stay with Medishield Life and avoid upgrading to a private shield plan. Recently, I was approached to assist the family on this case.  Mdm X was an elder... 10 Nov 2017, View: 68

Dear Mr. Tan, Recently a friend was warded in a private hospital 1 bedder for 2 days for a biopsy. Can you guess the bill? $30k out of which the doctor fee about $15k. They even wanted h... 09 Nov 2017, View: 7

Source SHAWN TOH, DIRECTOR, COMMUNICATIONS, THE LAW SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE PUBLISHED: NOVEMBER 6, 2017 The Law Society refers to the letter “A more neutral platform to handle errant lawyers, fee ... 07 Nov 2017, View: 5

Someone posted an investment in a unit trust where the bank is willing to lend money at a low interest rate to increase the investment.  I gave my view and advice: NEVER INVEST WITH BORROWED M... 05 Nov 2017, View: 5

This is my original letter dated 10 Oct 2016 about rejected claims due to alleged non-disclosure of past medical history. This is the reply from the Life Insurance Association. It took them 20 days... 05 Nov 2017, View: 7

Published in Straits Times Forum Page, 5 Nov 2017 The Life Insurance Association Singapore, in its letter, failed to address the main point of my letter (Insurance claims: Customers must come clean... 05 Nov 2017, View: 20