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Hi Kin Lian, Will you consider recording your presentations and making them available on your own youtube channel? For example your upcoming event on Financial Planning - Doing it right, I'm intere... 14 Jan 2018, View: 31

Hello Mr Tan.  I wonder if you help me with a question on cpf. I have a choice not to opt in cpf life. My question therefore is if I should stay on the old scheme or opt for one of the 2 options... 14 Jan 2018, View: 61

Hi Mr Tan, Just wonder you view on this guaranteed 2.23% p.a. product by Etiqa. if you have spare money of $100K, would you invest $50K or $100K ? Here is the benefit illustration. REPLY I... 09 Jan 2018, View: 99

Many people were caught with the AIA Financial Guardian. It was a big scandal about 15 years ago. The problem occurred much earlier. About 30 years ago, AIA launched this policy and sold more than ... 01 Jan 2018, View: 194

26 Apr 2017   SOURCE: CPF Board Buying your first home can be exciting and surreal at the same time, since it’s probably your most expensive purchase as an adult. This milestone als... 26 Dec 2017, View: 42

The travel insurance policies sold many years ago were quite straight forward. The travel insurance policy sold today can be quite complicated. What you expect to be covered may not be cov... 21 Dec 2017, View: 100

When I was 62, I went to a private hospital to carry out a colonoscopy. I was told that it was necessary after passing age 60. The procedure cost $1,500 plus another $500 to remove a polyp. The doc... 21 Dec 2017, View: 4

Mr. D bought an special endowment plan from a large life insurance company. He paid a monthly premium of $1,000 for 5 years, making a total contribution of $60,000. The premium stopped after that.&nbs... 20 Dec 2017, View: 199