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Country Garden is a large developer in China. I have a major investment in this company, amounting to about SGD 100,000. I bought the share listed in Hong Kong.  My investment is showing a boo... 06 Jul 2020, View: 147

I bought 15,000 shares of Hong Kong Land a few weeks ago. It now shows a paper loss of 20% or SGD 20,000. It is quite a large loss. The current price is US $4.17 compared to $7.19 on 1 Mar 19. The ... 06 Jul 2020, View: 192

CapitaLand is now trading at $3.05. It is a 19% drop from $3.75 on 1 Dec 2019.  The price earning ratio (PE ratio) is now at 6.94 times and the forward dividend yield is 3.95%. The price to bo... 06 Jul 2020, View: 390

My friend invested in Starhub bonds. He asked if if the bonds are safe. (He had invested in Hyflux preference shares and lost nearly all of his invested sum). I look at the financials in Yahoo Fina... 05 Jul 2020, View: 119

Dear Mr. Tan I read your post that you bought 200 shares of Tesla. At the price of $1,000 USD per share, the total investment is $280,000 in SGD. I do not have this kind of money. How can I invest... 01 Jul 2020, View: 225

The US stock market jumped on 29 April 2020 on optimism that the the drug remdesivir is tested to be effective in treating the corona virus. It is manufactured by Gilead Science. The US regulator... 30 Apr 2020, View: 104

The price of Netflix has increased sharply during the past few months. The lockdown in many countries has led many people to subscribe to Netflix to pass the time. Netflix added 15.44 net new subscrib... 22 Apr 2020, View: 37

Someone asked me if I would buy HSBC shares. It has dropped a lot. I looked at the PE ratio and Dividend Yield and the current price compared to the highest price using the 5 year chart. I would... 21 Apr 2020, View: 17

Maria May said. Mr Tan Appreciate your reflection. It runs contrary to our State Media but there is a a wide-range of argument whether to pick the rights issue or not. It is understandable dif... 31 Mar 2020, View: 33

My friend asked me if it is ok to buy SIA shares at $6.00. I did this analysis. I want to share it with you. Please note that I am sharing my view and not giving financial advice. I think it is ... 29 Mar 2020, View: 51