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Here are some tips on how to buy stocks in a market crash 1.  The market crash is triggered by a major political or economic event. 2.  It could crash by 10% or more within the same da... 15 May 2017, View: 210

During the past five decades, many people have made large profits on the sale of their properties. This was possible due to the escalation of property prices. However, property prices have reached ... 14 May 2017, View: 42

Mr. Tan, The government allows a citizen to buy a new flat (BTO) at a subsidized price and a second flat in the future at a subsidized price, i.e. each citizen is allowed the subsidy for 2 purchases.... 14 May 2017, View: 115

A consumer (Mr. J) came to consult me. He had bad experience with the two private bankers. One was a local person and the other was an expatriate. Over the years, they had advised him to invest in cer... 24 Apr 2017, View: 176

MAS has recently embarked on a new ad campaign by fooling investors into too good to be true "made up" investment segment and later shared with them tips on how to avoid them.  Today online ha... 16 Apr 2017, View: 17

Dear Mr. Tan I have invested in some ETF and REITs and very little on blue chips etc. In this current scenario of low interest, what would be the best options if I have some cash ( say around 200K) ... 15 Apr 2017, View: 255

Dollar and Sense has interviewed 3 successful traders and found out their secret behind their trading success. Here is a summary of the interview article.  1) Traders must have confidence i... 14 Apr 2017, View: 58

Successful investing is not a complicated matter. In fact, it’s all about common sense, emphasizes founder and former CEO of the Vanguard Mutual Fund Group, John C. Bogle, in “ The Little Book of Com... 12 Mar 2017, View: 25

I wish to share my experience of investing for the long term, citing the case of Apple Computers. I bought Apple Computers at around US$100 per share some five years ago. It dropped to $65, a drop ... 19 Feb 2017, View: 113

My fixed deposit with Standard Chartered Bank was due for renewal. I wanted to renew it online or through the telephone.  The relationship manager (RM) told me that there is a complicated proc... 12 Feb 2017, View: 80