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Dear Mr.Tan, Do you think is save to put all my savings abt $500,000 in fixed deposit with Hong Leong Bank. It is a foreign bank wf limited liability.What does limited liability means? REPLY It i... 21 Apr 2018, View: 27

Several people have expressed concern over the difficulty faced by seniors in selling their old HDB flats to realize cash to down grade to a smaller flat and to use their cash for retirement. Their... 20 Apr 2018, View: 69

The government has the perception that a short term lease is consumption and a longer term lease is investment. They set a minimum of 60 years lease for the unrestricted use of CPF. This perception... 17 Apr 2018, View: 5

I wish to comment on the difficulty faced by seniors in selling their old HDB flat. The government has a scheme to meet their needs. It is called the Lease Buyback Scheme. Details of this scheme ar... 16 Apr 2018, View: 3

You can invest in a property without owning it. This is explained in this article. You can invest in a REIT (real estate investment trust). 15 Apr 2018, View: 4

Hi Mr Tan, Why didn’t you recommend ETF but rather Index Fund as investment?   1)Does it make sense for 45 years above to invest in either Index Fund or ETF for about 10-15 years? 2) L... 13 Feb 2018, View: 80

Dear Mr. Tan Recently my son purchased a GE $5k single premium smart invest plan.  He selected 3 funds to invest in. He is also insured for $5100. Do you think he should keep it and ho... 06 Feb 2018, View: 105

At the FISCA talk on 3 Feb, one elderly lady brought three nephews and nieces to attend the talk. One of them has started work, one is servicing full time NS and the third is still studying. TKL ... 05 Feb 2018, View: 14

When I visited a bank to place a fixed deposit, the relationship manager tried to sell a dual currency investment to me. I declined. I know that this is a very bad product. I know of some people who l... 31 Jan 2018, View: 120

Dear FISCA I have $30,000 after setting aside 6 months worth of my salary. I am planning to invest this $30,000 as a Lump Sum into the STI EFT through POEMS. Is this a good idea? I am a 29 year old... 27 Jan 2018, View: 70