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Mr. Tan I am now insured under Medishield Life. An agent asked me to move to an Integrated plan. Should I move? REPLY You have to take your own decision. You must consider the difference in prem... 30 Jul 2017, View: 99

Many people are troubled to read about the high cost of medical treatment. A common procedure, such as a PET scan to detect tumors could cost between $2,000 to $4,000 a year in a public hospital. It c... 28 Jul 2017, View: 83

I support this proposal. Eldershield is better administered under a public body, rather than private insurers. It reduces the cost of marketing and administration, and remove the profit motive. The ... 07 Jul 2017, View: 25

$1,018,469.29 Healthcare or Nightmare? 10 doctors, 58 days in the ICU, 1 gigantic bill, Mum's life lost. Never in my life would I have ever imagined I'd see a S$1 million medical bill. $35... 05 Jul 2017, View: 76

Initially, the insurer rejected the death claim as the policyholder did not pay the premium. I helped the policyholder to draft the letter to appeal for a review. After a few months, the insurer ... 19 Jun 2017, View: 27

My friend, who is 78 years old, received an email from a Great Eastern Life agent telling him that the annual increase in medical cost is 15% (and recommending the coverage provided by his company), M... 13 Jun 2017, View: 89

Rachel Ash asked: If you being the CEO then in the insurance business cannot eliminate these issues then we lay people who knows nuts what can we hope to achieve but to be repeatedly assaulted. RE... 10 Jun 2017, View: 32

Mr. X sent an email to me. He had bought a policy and asked me if it was "worth keeping". The consultant who sold him the policy had kept the policy document from him until after the 14 day free look ... 08 Jun 2017, View: 11

Dear Mr. Tan I was being approached to increase my eldershield. The agent claimed it is important and the yearly cost is about $600 on top of what I am paying now aged 47. Would like to seek your adv... 31 May 2017, View: 55

I have often been asked for my views on whether policy A or policy B is better. The implicit assumption is that the consumer have to buy either A or B. It is like having to pay tax, i.e. they have no ... 26 May 2017, View: 33