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In this video, I explain about CareShield Life. It will be introduced in 2020 and will be compulsory for Singaporeans and permanent residents who are between 30 to 40 years. Those below 30 will hav... 24 Jun 2018, View: 33

The cost of the benefit under Care Shield Life depends on age and gender. If Care Shield Life is operated as a voluntary scheme, it is necessary to differentiate the premium rate by age and gender.... 10 Jun 2018, View: 15

The consumer has bought 6 insurance policies from two companies. He has made a tentative decision on which policies to give up but he wanted to consult me before making his final decision.  Th... 17 May 2018, View: 68

Over the past 15 years, I have seen several variations of an investment linked policy with high charges that were not disclosed to the consumer and were usually sold fraudulent by the financial advise... 15 May 2018, View: 75

There are two types of insurance products. I classify them as follows: a) Standard products offered by many insurance companies and are competitively priced, e.g. personal accident, motor insurance... 26 Apr 2018, View: 47

Dear Mr Tan, I am a owner of the NTUC Living Policy ( LV85) since 1996 . Its contract covers 36 dreaded diseases and permanent diability (PD) provison for up to age 60 years. Today, NTUC has equivale... 21 Apr 2018, View: 60

Dear Mr Tan, I would like to share with you one of the issue i face currently with Bank X. Last year I went down to one of the branch to place a fixed deposit. The staff recommended me a better highe... 21 Apr 2018, View: 67

A policyholder bought a 21 year endowment policy with a projected maturity value of $464,796. She is now told that the maturity benefit would now be $361,363 (a drop of over 20%) when the policy matur... 25 Mar 2018, View: 202

Dear Mr Tan, I bought the attached Early Cancer Plan A a year ago.It is time to renew. (See PDF below for detail of this policy). What is your advice? Should I renew it? I am 54. No close family me... 23 Mar 2018, View: 62

Sally visited my office to seek my office on the life insurance policies that she and her husband had bought. They are paying too much premium and wish to reduce their budget. Sally is 35 and her h... 12 Mar 2018, View: 32