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Source SHAWN TOH, DIRECTOR, COMMUNICATIONS, THE LAW SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE PUBLISHED: NOVEMBER 6, 2017 The Law Society refers to the letter “A more neutral platform to handle errant lawyers, fee ... 07 Nov 2017, View: 8

Source A living trust is a legal document created by you (the grantor) during your lifetime. Just like a will, a living trust spells out exactly what your desires are with regard to your asset... 03 Oct 2017, View: 50

Source 30 hotel booking scams reported this year; and more involving online purchases of tickets to concerts and attractions SINGAPORE - At least 30 people have fallen prey to online hotel booking... 02 Sep 2017, View: 24

I agree with the action taken by the government agencies to stop aggressive advertising of expensive formula milk powder. Consumers do not know how to evaluate these nutritional and health claims and ... 11 May 2017, View: 14

Recently, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong in his facebook post has claimed that HDB is a "good store of asset value". Channelnewsasia has picked the post up and has released an news pos... 13 Apr 2017, View: 99

Marriage comes hand in hand with commitments. Couples need to sort out certain financial issues before getting married. Moneysmart has complied 6 financial issues you have to discuss before the big da... 11 Apr 2017, View: 46

Mr. Tan, I want to share with you a bad and unethical practice from bank X. They sold a credit card to me at a mall. I don't really need the card, but the sales person was persistent. I obliged to... 13 Aug 2016, View: 215

Before you engage a lawyer, ask the following: a) What is your rate per hour? b) How many hours do you expect is required for this case? Do not accept an answer, "it depends". Ask for an esti... 06 Aug 2016, View: 161

Mr Chan's neighbor sold his house. The new owner, Mr Lee, replaced the fence between the two houses without consulting Mr. Chan. He also tiled his garden. Mrs Chan told the new neighbor that when&n... 05 Aug 2016, View: 318

I observed that a few criminal and civil cases in Singapore took a few months of hearing.  This must be extremely wasteful of resources for the prosecution, plaintiff and defendant.   ... 07 Jul 2016, View: 151