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Hi Sir, I bought a policy a few days (Family First Secure from AIA)  and is starting to have second doubts about it. I understand that going straight to the customer centre is the best way to te... 22 Oct 2017, View: 24

Many promoters charge $3,000 to $5,000 for a 3 days courses purported to give training on futures and options trading. A case was heard in the Small Claim Tribunal in 2010 on such a course. The rep... 15 Oct 2017, View: 102

I am a "Pioneer Generation" and insured with an Integrated Shield Plan (ISP) with NTUC Income Insurance (Plan B). Since I am a PG, is it practical, cost-wise, to be insured with the expensive ISP?&... 14 Oct 2017, View: 46

Hi Kinlian  I have come across some of your articles online regarding DCIs and I just have a few questions regarding the mechanics of how it works.  Suppose I have $100,000 SGD (base c... 14 Oct 2017, View: 50

Dear Mr. Tan, I have been insuring with incomeshield since my younger days and it was in 2012 that I intended to enhanced my incomeshield. Being truthful i had revealed whatever minor medical history... 11 Oct 2017, View: 33

When it comes to purchasing their first home in Singapore, most couples and newlyweds go the tried-and-tested Build-To-Order (BTO) route. But do a little homework and you will find other options av... 11 Oct 2017, View: 14

Published in St Times 10 Oct 2017 As president of the Financial Services Consumer Association, I have been approached on several occasions by consumers who had bought integrated Shield plans and go... 10 Oct 2017, View: 43

When you buy life or health insurance, the insurance company ask you to declare your medical history. The consumers do not know what should be declared and what does not need to be declared. He or she... 08 Oct 2017, View: 21