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I invested a total of HKD 1,862,460 (SGD 323,605) in Alibaba and Baidu. I bought the shares at a price of 43% and 22% lower respectively, compared to the 52 weeks high for these stocks. Based on th... 27 May 2022, View: 504.

I suggested to a policyholder to write to the insurance company to ask for an explanation of the drop in the surrender value.  Dear  My name is xxxxxxxx. I bought a life insurance poli... 27 May 2022, View: 215.

Mr Y bought a life insurance policy 30 years ago and paid an annual premuim of $2,794.  He obtained a post sale benefit illustration (PSBI) in Sept 2021. It showed a cash surrender value on th... 27 May 2022, View: 467.

We are experiencing a bear market.  The stock prices keep falling, way below their fair values. What is happening? Many investors hold stocks on margin or leverage. When the stock prices... 25 May 2022, View: 801.

I analyzed the China stocks that I have invested in currently, or in the past.  I present these stocks in the order of the forecast PER. This is based on the projected EPS of analysts covering... 22 May 2022, View: 704. Restricted

I just bought 20,000 shares of Sembcorp Industries at $2.93. The stock price was at a low of $1.85 on 13 Sep 2021. It has increased by 58% over the past 8 months.  The increase in stock pri... 19 May 2022, View: 418. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan I would like to seek your advice on this 3 yrs saving plan. Is this a good plan? REPLY Can you ask the insurance adviser, who earns a large commission, to explain this plan to you. ... 18 May 2022, View: 298. Restricted

The Medishield plan pays for hospital expenses above a deductible of say $3,000 and for the co-insurance of 10%. The rider pays for a certain percentage of the the deductible and co-insurance.  ... 16 May 2022, View: 360. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan  I have bought NTUC Income`s Enhanced Incomeshield Preferred Plan for years. After age 55, the yearly premium is SGD1834, but the rider Premium is SGD2077. I think the rider prem... 16 May 2022, View: 752. Restricted

Microsoft stock price dropped by 10% over the past 4 weeks from a high of $291 on 21 April 2022 to the current price of $261 on 13 May. It dropped $200 billion in market value. The financial news s... 15 May 2022, View: 359. Restricted

An insurance company levied an additional premium of $40 to cover trip cancellation. In the event that the passenger cannot travel due to any medical condition, this cover will compensation the passen... 14 May 2022, View: 158. Restricted

Bitcoin reached a high of $67,000 on 5 Nov 2021. It has dropped by 53% over a period of six months to the current price of $31,700 on 11 May 2022. The current level is at the bottom of the range fo... 11 May 2022, View: 507. Restricted

The Nasdaq dropped by 4.29% on 9 May. ARKK, which is the flagship ETF managed by Cathie Wood, dropped by 9.86%. This is twice the drop of the Nasdaq index. I have observed on several past occasions... 10 May 2022, View: 392. Restricted

A policyholder bought a participating policy 36 years ago and paid an annual premium of $800. The surrender value is now $57,389. He is now age 65 yo. Should be continue the participating policy? ... 09 May 2022, View: 588. Restricted

I show below the financial indicators for a few large industrial shares in Singapore, ranked by the forecast price earning ratio (PER). Sembcorp Industrial and Keppel Corp looks quite attractive, a... 09 May 2022, View: 425. Restricted

Elon Musk wants to purchase 100% of Twitter and to make it into a private company. He plans to buy the entire company for $44 billion, to be funded partly (about 50%) by equity and the balance by loan... 05 May 2022, View: 335. Restricted

Here are the performance of the auto stocks for the past 12 months, up to 30 April 2022.  Some stocks are purely in electric vehicle (shown in the table as EV). The others are legacy auto manu... 30 Apr 2022, View: 268. Restricted

Here are the performance of the large cap stocks for the past 12 months until 28 Apr 2022. The global stock markets were badly affected by the rise of interest rate in America, the conflict in Ukra... 29 Apr 2022, View: 277. Restricted

I have a large holding in this stock. It has a small market cap of $65 m. So, my holdings of $112,000 represent almost 0.2%. I invested in this stock because its book value per share is $0.70, cash... 29 Apr 2022, View: 264. Restricted

Here are the performance of the large cap stocks for the past six months until 28 Apr 2022. The global stock markets were badly affected by the rise of interest rate in America, the conflict in Ukr... 29 Apr 2022, View: 322. Restricted

I sent this letter to the MD of MAS Dear Mr. xxxx I enclose a marketing brochure for a "leveraged annuity" product. Please ask your officer to see if this marketing brochure meets the MAS stand... 28 Apr 2022, View: 273. Restricted

A 65 yo woman was offered an annuity that pays a guaranteed monthly income of $834 for 10 years from age 70. There is a non-guaranteed portion of between $ and $. The insurance company did not explain... 27 Apr 2022, View: 417. Restricted

A policyholder, aged 65, was offered a life annuity policy. She pays a single premium of $100,000 and receives an monthly income of $843 (guaranteed) from age 70 for 10 years. There is a non-guarantee... 26 Apr 2022, View: 1097. Restricted

The stock price of Twitter over the past 52 weeks was in the range of $31.30 and $73.34.  The price close on 25 Apr at $51.70 which is 65% above the low and 30% below the high. Elon Musk of... 26 Apr 2022, View: 487. Restricted

Tesla jumped up 5.57% ($54) following the release of its results for Q1 of 2022. I expect (hope) that the stock price will increase more when the market opens tonight. Tesla's stock price has been ... 21 Apr 2022, View: 76. Restricted

Facebook is now trading under the name of Meta Platform, but it keeps its symbol as FB. The stock price was $340 in Nov 2021. It has dropped to $200 in Apr 2022. The stock price dropped by 41% over... 21 Apr 2022, View: 197. Restricted

The price of Netflix stock dropped from $682 in Nov 2021 to $226 in Apr 2022. It is a drop of 67% over the past five months. At the current price of $226, the PE ratio is 20.12 times. This is an ac... 21 Apr 2022, View: 370. Restricted

Mr. Tan, Can I have your comments about the decision of the insurer to reject certain types of treatment under an integrated Shield plan? See this report.  Is this fair, as the consumers has ... 21 Apr 2022, View: 303. Restricted

X sent me the text of his conversation with Y, who offered an attractive loan at a low rate of interest. Y asked for details to process the loan, which X provided. Towards the end, Y asked for a... 10 Apr 2022, View: 164. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan,  With interest rates rising to curb inflation, I am concerned about the debt-ratio of companies. Due to low interests, many investors are driven to buy perpetual bonds which pays h... 07 Apr 2022, View: 162. Restricted

A policyholder bought a life insurance policy 36 years ago.  He paid an annual premium of $799. At the end of 36 years, the surrender value is $56,035. The policy gave him a yield of 3.5% per ... 07 Apr 2022, View: 226. Restricted

I received this loan offer on WhatsApp. Take $10000 Pay $180x60Months Take $20000 Pay $360x60months Take $30,000 Pay $540x60months $50K-$100K Above Monthly Repayment Term Up To 60 Months The... 06 Apr 2022, View: 37. Restricted

... 05 Apr 2022, View: 60. Restricted

I read a news that the Ukraine war had caused a big disruption to shipping services. Many goods sent by ships had to go through a longer route. The demand for ships had caused freight rates to increas... 31 Mar 2022, View: 193. Restricted

Someone asked me.  If he buys China stocks in Hong Kong, it will be paid in HKD which is pegged to pegged to USD. If USD falls in the future, would it affect the stocks that are in HKD? Is it ... 20 Mar 2022, View: 398. Restricted

Someone asked me to explain the use of a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) to take over a company that wants to be listed, e.g. Grab, Property Guru. You can read a full explanation of... 20 Mar 2022, View: 287. Restricted

I invested $4,120,000 HKD ($714,000 SGD) in 5 China tech stocks, namely Alibaba, Baidu, SMIC, XTE and New Oriental Education. At the worst point on 15 Mar 2022, my holdings suffered a loss of 38.76... 18 Mar 2022, View: 591. Restricted

China stocks were badly hit during the past few days.  I have a large investment in the following stocks.  There was a strong recovery today. Some of the stocks moved up by 10% or more... 16 Mar 2022, View: 134. Restricted

I bought 3 shares yesterday, using my uninvested cash of $120,000. A technical expert said that I should wait for the market to bottom, as it was still bearish. I am not a technical expert, so I d... 16 Mar 2022, View: 212. Restricted

Here are the large cap US stocks. I invested in Tesla and not the other stocks. I consider these stocks to be over valued, as their price earning ratio is over 20 times and their dividiend yield is po... 15 Mar 2022, View: 243. Restricted

I have $47,000 cash in my SRS account and $69,000 cash in my POEMS account. The total is $116,000 SGD. As some good value stocks had dropped over 10% during the past month, I decided to invest the ... 15 Mar 2022, View: 233. Restricted

... 15 Mar 2022, View: 364. Restricted

I monitor the US stocks shown in the watch list below. I have investment in most (but not all) of the stocks in the past, and still hold many of them now. However, I have sold some of the stocks compl... 15 Mar 2022, View: 538. Restricted

I hold 22,000 shares of Aquabounty (AGB) at an average cost of $5.80. My total investment is $$126,600. This is a large investment.  I bought this stock at a high of $10. Subsequently, as the ... 11 Mar 2022, View: 419. Restricted

This is the video of the talk held on 7 Mar 2022. Video... 07 Mar 2022, View: 51. Restricted

A policyholder asked for my views about the Max Enhanced Growth policy that be bought 8 years ago. He sent the benefit illustration to me.  Here is my analysis. The annual premium i... 01 Mar 2022, View: 224. Restricted

I hold 400 shares of Tesla at an average cost of $980 USD. It dropped to a low of $755 on 25 Feb 2022, giving me a loss of $90,000.  The stock price has recovered to $870 on 28 Feb, reducing m... 01 Mar 2022, View: 308. Restricted

I do not own any Door Dash stock. It reported strong 4Q results and the stock soared 20%. See report.  The key points are: DoorDash shares soared on Thursday after the company reported ... 23 Feb 2022, View: 235. Restricted

I bought 1,000 shares of Barrick Gold (GOLD) at $28.61 USD nearly two years ago. It dropped to a low of $18.61 (35% drop) and has since recovered to $23.41 (loss of 18%). Gold price has been low... 22 Feb 2022, View: 165. Restricted

I have raised 4 questions to the EGM regarding the corporatization of NTUC Income. NTUC Income has given their replies. See PDF attached.... 16 Feb 2022, View: 448. Restricted

Here is the video recording of my talk on 7 Febrary 2022  ... 08 Feb 2022, View: 174. Restricted

I hold 22,000 shares of China Petroleum at an average cost of HK$4.03. My total investment is S$130,000. The stock price is now $4.18 giving me a small gain of 3.7%. The stock price moved up by 15... 07 Feb 2022, View: 301. Restricted

Facebook dropped 26% 0n 3 Feb 2022, wiping off $230 billion in its market cap. Its revenue forecast of $27 billion to $29 billion for the first quarter fell below analyst expectations of $30.15 bil... 04 Feb 2022, View: 654. Restricted

Someone asked me if it is better to invest in NIO, rather than Tesla? NIO sales have increased exponentially during the past three years.  I looked at the financial figures of NIO. See table ... 01 Feb 2022, View: 469. Restricted

Question:  Have you heard of the term traded endowment policy that transfer all the rights of a policy holder to another through a firm not licensed by MAS? Is this legal in Singapore?... 30 Jan 2022, View: 224. Restricted

I share my approach towards investing my portfolio during this period of market downturn. I have a portfolio size of $3.7 million SGD. It is invested as follows: Singapore stock - 13% Hong K... 29 Jan 2022, View: 643. Restricted

The price of Netflix (NFLX) dropped 41% during the past month. Its price earning (PR) ratio is now at 32.0. I still find it too expensive.  A month earlier, its PE ratio was  52.4. Thi... 27 Jan 2022, View: 718. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I am working in the office of a local company. I started stock investment three months ago. The stock price kept dropping since I bought them. Do you think that it is a good time to buy ... 24 Jan 2022, View: 493. Restricted

The tech stocks had a sharp drop during the past month.  See the table below. The largest drop are for Netflix (34.29%), Zoom (25.96%) and Amazon (16.3%). Microsoft, Apple and Facebook had... 24 Jan 2022, View: 320. Restricted

Bitcoin reached a high of $67,580 on 8 Nov 2021 and declined to $35,560 on 22 Jan 2022. It was a drop of 48% over a period of 2.5 months. If a trader hold 1 Futures contract of 5 bitcoin, the drop ... 22 Jan 2022, View: 329. Restricted