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The share price has dropped by 59% from a high of RM 3.90 in January 2018 to RM 1.61 now. It has no PE ratio, as the company is making a loss. It declared a bumper dividend in 2019 giving a yield of 1... 23 Jan 2020, View: 10

A Bloomberg article reported an analyst view that Malaysian shares should do well in 2020, after suffering a bad year in 2019. A person suggested that I should look at MRCB. It is connected to the ... 23 Jan 2020, View: 8

This article in Bloomberg said that global investors are now eyeing Malaysian assets after a bad year 2019. Click here.  What is a good share in Malaysia to buy? I looked at Maybank, which ... 23 Jan 2020, View: 13

Someone said. I have a friend who invest in a digital bitcoin website blockchain advertising business, they promised him a payout of 2% per months , meaning he will get 24% per year ! This looks pe... 19 Jan 2020, View: 25

Someone asked if I would buy Amazon shares. I replied - cannot. PE ratio is 82 times and no dividend yield. The price is 4 times of its "real value". Hey, this is just my opinion of "real value". I... 18 Jan 2020, View: 5

Three days ago, I bought 20,000 shares in Country Garden. It dropped 3%. Yesterday, I placed an order to buy 10,000 shares at HKD 12.00 after I saw a forecast from an analyst that the property mark... 18 Jan 2020, View: 5

Some insurance companies offer investment policies that guaranteed a high rate of return. When the investment return drops, due to economic situations, they suffer a large financial loss.  Thi... 17 Jan 2020, View: 39

My friend told me that two large state-owned insurance companies in Indonesia are in financial difficulty. They issue "investment policies" that guaranteed a high rate of return, more than 10% per ... 17 Jan 2020, View: 9

I have seen many cases of consumers being denied legitimate claims due to alleged non disclosures. I ask the regulator to study this matter and get insurers to adopt a code of practice that is fair to... 12 Jan 2020, View: 6

The big tech stocks in America have an average PE ratio of 50 and a dividend yield of 1%. This means that the current price is 2 times of a fair value for a growth stock, say PE ratio of 25 and d... 12 Jan 2020, View: 5