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My friend paid $800 for a complicated surgery to re-attach a torn ligament in his arm due to injury caused by excessive bowling. He went for subsidized treatment and also used his medisave account t... 10 Oct 2019, View: 3

A lawyer approached me for help. His client had a $70,000 medical bill rejected by the integrated plan insurer on the grounds of non disclosure. The agent did a bad job and did not fill up the medical... 10 Oct 2019, View: 2

Critical illness policy Dear Mr. Tan I am wondering if I should also buy policies for critical illness. To be honest, I am quite sceptical about insurers as I have seen my parents screwed by insur... 15 Sep 2019, View: 5

Dear Mr Tan, I watched your video about the Integrated Shield plan and who should buy this plan. I am in my late 30s and am working in a company that has quite a decent medical insurance coverage for... 15 Sep 2019, View: 4

A policyholder asked me if he should keep the life annuity or encash it and re-invest the money in another investment. Here is my suggestion. The life annuity provides a monthly return of $500 (... 26 Aug 2019, View: 16

Dear Mr. Tan I have bought a Living Policy in 2001 and I will be 61 yrs in Oct 2019. As I have no income, I do not wish to pay the yearly premium of $6,900 and was told they will deduct from my cur... 16 Aug 2019, View: 7

Prior to 1999, the blue chip shares in Singapore were separated into local tranche and foreign tranche for trading in the stock exchange. The local tranche can only be held by local entities. The fo... 14 Aug 2019, View: 9

Hi Mr Tan I need to check with you if there is any regulatory body to check on the insurance premium rates in Singapore? 3 years ago, I paid $356 for hospitalization coverage, including private ... 01 Aug 2019, View: 13

Musang King businessmen turn millionaires. Read this article The investment cycle repeats itself. The early entrepreneurs took the risk and strike rich. The herd follows and push up the prices... 15 Jul 2019, View: 6

I want to give this word of caution to Singaporeans. Be careful when you buy a HDB resale flat. You may have heard about the money that people make when they sell their resale flat. ... 14 Jul 2019, View: 18